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by Dr.Annes help we can have green fire

Green Fire Chemistry Experiment

with Anne Marie Helmenstine

It's easy to make colored fire. One of the brightest and most colorful examples of colored fire is green fire. See how to use household chemicals to make green fire yourself.

Green Fire Chemistry Experiment

Hi, I'm Dr. Anne Helmenstine for About.com. Today I'm going to show you how to do one of my favorite chemistry projects, making green fire

Fire Materials

It is extremely simple to make green fire. All you need is boric acid, which is sold in the pharmacy section of many stores, and methanol or methyl alcohol, which is most easily found as a fuel treatment with automotive supplies.

the Green Fire

Pour a little boric acid into a fire-safe container. Add a small amount of methanol, being careful to avoid spilling any on your hands. Light the fire!

Green Fire Works

The green color comes from heating the boron in the boric
acid. Many metal salts burn in characteristic colors like this, though the
green fire is probably the easiest to try yourself. I hope you've enjoyed this
project. You can find more chemistry projects if you visit me online at
About.com. Thanks for watching.




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